Sunday, May 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 SlimICS v3.8 Update

This post deals with updating your phone to the latest Galaxy S GT i9000 Slim ICS v3.8 Update.
All thanks go to krarvind and his testers for creating this wonderful ROM and provide it with continued support.

Links to krarvind's website and xda link provided at the end of page.

So How To install your Galaxy S GT i9000 to Slim ICS

Steps [Follow exactly as specified]:

  1. Root your phone
    Understand that rooting voids your warranty. You take full responsibility for what happens to your phone.
    If you are already running an unofficial version like CyanogenMod etc. then skip to step 2 else Root your phone.
    Rooting tutorial later...
  2. Backup all your data
    SMSBackup Restore for SMS, Google Sync for Contacts, Titanium Backup for Apps and Data.
  3. Copy SlimICS base+essentials to SD card.
  4. Boot into Recovery Mode
    Press and hold "VolumeUp+Home+Power" until Samsung logo appears.
  5. Goto Wipe/Factory reset phone by scrolling using the vol buttons and select using the power button. Then select yes factory reset. Go back and then select advanced -> clear dalvik cache. From advanced if init.d is present go and clear it also.
  6. From main menu select Flash zip from sd card -> select zip from sd card -> navigate to the location of the SlimICS base zip and flash it, followed by the essentials pack.
  7. Reboot
  8. Welcome to SlimICS...!!!
For a compltely blacked out experience on the Galaxy S GT-i9000 use the Inverted apps package that includes the following...

  • People
  • Messaging
  • Play Music
  • Phone Fix
  • Talk
  • Play Store
  • YouTubeHD
  • Gmail
  • Docs
  • Calendar
  • Calculator

Note: The SlimICS Kernel is provided for those who want to go back to Stock Kernel from other Kernels.


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