Thursday, May 3, 2012

IBM Sample Quiz Engine

The link posted below will let you download a sample quiz engine that will help test your skills in the IBM RAD question paper...

The attached file is a zip archive, on extracting it run the runme command script. This will open up a command window that willl start the application in a jar module. Make sure you have JRE installed [Link provided at the end of the page]. Once the application starts up click

  1. File
  2. Open Quiz or Shortcut Ctrl+O
  3. Now select the IBM 000-255.xml file in the same directory as that of the application.
  4. The quiz will immediately begin...
  5. The questions are specified at the top.
  6. Options to the right.
  7. And drop the correct answers to the left.
  8. Next click the Next question button at the bottom.
  9. Once you've had enough click the end Quiz button...
  10. Answers can be checked using the next and previous buttons.

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