Sunday, February 5, 2012

Use WiFi to Transfer Files between Android device and PC

We can use the help of a couple of apps to send files between an Android device and PC without the need of a cable lying around all the time. Below are two methods for the same...

Both the techniques require an app that acts as a server on the device. A very good app that I personally use is dooBlou WiFi File Explorer. Download link provided below.

  1. Using the hotspot on your home network.
    This technique leverages the fact that you are already on a network. Then it is as simple as opening the WiFi File Explorer app and typing the URL shown in the app in your desktop web browser.
  2. Using the hotspot on your device.
    The technique requires the presence of a device with tethering capability or root privileges. If you can enable tethering then start a hotspot and connect your PC to that hotspot or use the Android WiFi Tether app provided below to start a hotspot if you have root privileges. For more info on rooting your device follow the forums on Xda-Developers. After connecting to the hotspot use the address provided in your desktop browser.

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