Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Download Torrents Using IDM

Yes it is actually possible to download torrents using IDM. Follow the tutorial below.

How To:

  1. Save your *.torrent file to any location on your computer.
    Do not change the name for better success rates.
  2. Go to Torcache and click the upload button.
  3. Select your *.torrent file.
  4. Click on Cache!.
  5. Now you will be presented with a Cached Torcache address.
    Copy that link.
  6. Go to some site link Torrific or ZbigZ or similar and paste that link and press Go or Download.
  7. You will be presented will the HTTP download link.
  8. Download the file with your usual file download program.
    I personally use Internet Download Manager.
  9. Profit...???

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