Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slim Bean 4.2.2 Build 2.5

Revisiting the SlimBean ROM, it has grown from a small ROM developed by one member into a team that consists of over 12 members across 25 devices with over 150,000+ downloads per release. Their latest release Build 2.5 has revolutionized the custom ROM community. Most other ROMs in the scene are using 95% of the original features developed by the team. And who do you think knows the ROM better, yes the original ROM developers.

So coming back to the review for the 2.5 build, this is basically a bugfix build over the 2.0 release which was near perfect. This build makes it complete.

The recent introduction of the TRDS [TheRealDarkSlim] toggle in the ROM has given users the possibility to toggle the complete UI to dark mode. This changes everything having a light theme to a black/dark one.

This release also includes various other features including  the SlimCenter [previously SlimOTA] that helps perform ROM update notifications, downloads, system app deletions etc. Another new feature is the SlimFileManager, which is a one stop spot for all the basic file management needs of any user.

Not forgetting the tons of mods and features the ROM already supported, SlimBean has grown into a complete and fully customizable for users of any level of experience.

SlimRoms also has different threads on XDA for user support and also has launched an IRC for live support among users and beta testers. All the links are provided at the bottom of the post.

Considering what this ROM offers, a truely 'Slim', 'Fast' and exceptional quality package in under half the size of other custom ROMs out there, this is a must flash ROM for the custom ROM user in you!

SlimRoms Official Website

SlimRoms User Support IRC

SlimRoms Google+ Page

SlimRoms Twitter Page


  1. This ROM has been absolutely outstanding. I've ran it almost exclusively from day one, and any other time I've switched, I came back to the simplicity and feature-rich ROM that is SlimBean.

  2. I think the ROM is brilliant, though I have noticed that like myself many people seem to be having a problem with network signal. There is none and an error message is given when you try and manually search for networks. Is there a solution or is this a bug?

    1. Try updating to the latest release 5.5 afaik. It solves a bunch of issues.